The Spirale Wine Glass


Savor the richness of red without the sip of sediment.

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How Does Spirale Work?

Wine, like life, is meant to be enjoyed. We started Vacanti Wine Glasses to enhance your appreciation of the beautiful subtleties of wine, and with our unique Spirale design, you’re able to enjoy your wine like never before. Its patented spiral at the bottom of the glass captures the sediment in wine, which reveals its richness while ensuring a smoother finish. Savor and enjoy every last sip.

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What Makes Spirale Unique?

Innovative Corkscrew

Wine glasses today are built to hold wine, but they’re not built to enhance your experience of the wine. That’s why we designed our patented corkscrew system. As sediment settles to the bottom of the glass, the spiral in the stem separates the sediment from the wine. This feature keeps the sediment at bay, even down to the last drop.

Enjoying Every Sip

The last thing you want is to have your glass of wine ruined by sediment. With Spirale, enjoy your favorite wine without the concern of sediment. Trap the sediment and eliminate the possibility of a horrible, bitter taste.

Beautiful Presentation

Part of the experience of enjoying wine is the presentation. Our elegant, hand-blown design is the perfect fusion of form and function. Enjoy a glass of wine on the porch after a long day, or set your table with Spirale glasses for an elegant dinner party – they’re sure to look beautiful anywhere!

No Need For A Decanter

Don’t think your wine has sediment? Some bottles of wine may surprise you. With Spirale wine glasses, there is no need to plan ahead to separate sediment from your wine through decanting or filtering. Be spontaneous! Simply open, pour and enjoy. Our glasses have you covered.

Dishwasher Safe

An added bonus? Spirale may be unique, but the clean up isn’t. Not only can these glasses be easily hand washed, but Spirale glasses are dishwasher safe too!

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“Your glass is unique and a great topic of conversation. Not only does it capture red wine sediment, it captures white wine tartrates just as well.”

Wesley Kollar
Ambassador, Hill Family Estate Winery

“This is the coolest and most wine collector-friendly glass we have ever seen. The sediment funnels directly into the spiral at the bottom of the bowl and stays there for sediment free wine enjoyment. The bonus with this glass is it’s not only functional but incredibly stylish. The Vacanti glass is a great conversation starter and the spiral makes each wine look different and unique.  Bottom line…you will be the envy of all your friends with this beautiful wine glass!”

Jennifer Rolander
Owner – Wine Cube Tours, Sonoma, CA

"I was really impressed with how the corkscrew at the bottom of the glass works, and it was really easy to clean."

Kristen Darnell
Director of Sales and Marketing, Epoch Estate Wines