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Even Your Feet Deserve Happy Hour

We’ve all had those times when we just wanted to kick off our uncomfortable shoes and put something comfy on our feet. Whether it’s after a day in ski boots, hiking boots, bike cleats or high heels, having lightweight, fashionable and comfortable shoes right when you want them can save the day, and reward your feet.

The next-generation Pakems are the first packable shoes that are not only comfortable and easy to take with you so you have them the exact moment you want to relax comfortably, but they are extremely lightweight, waterproof, faux fur-lined and insulated. All of the incredible attributes of Pakems make these shoes not only perfect for skiers, snowboarders, hikers, and cyclists, they are also the ideal everyday solution for running errands, traveling, commuting, camping and even just for walking the dog!

No other shoe on the market is as functional and fashionable as Pakems. There are three styles of Pakems; the women’s high boot, which is the perfect compliment to a pair of leggings, and the mid-ankle and low-cut shoes, which also come in a mesh version – translation – we have the perfect solution for every adventure, no matter what season.

Life’s an adventure, take us with you!

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Before we launch our Kickstarter campaign, we’re giving away some awesome prizes, including two pairs of any style Pakems, which retail up to $160. Sign up below, then share this contest and refer your friends to earn more points. If you’re one of the first campaign backers on Kickstarter, you’ll also receive 25% off the reward price.

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Two pairs of any style Pakems

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One pair of any style Pakems and an
Après-Zone long sleeve t-shirt

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3rd Tier

One pair of any style Pakems

(10 Winners)

(Valued at $80)

Here's What Everyone Is Saying About Pakems!

What Makes Pakems So Unique?


Starting at only 5 ounces a shoe, Pakems are engineered to be incredibly light, which makes them so easy to take with you and have at the exact moment you want to chillax. With Pakems on your feet, you won’t even notice you’re wearing boots. Our motto is play hard, relax happy!


The shoes have an extremely soft rip-stop upper area so they can basically pack down flat. The boots collapse from a 10.5-inch profile (for the highest boot) and 7.5-inch profile (for the mid-ankle boot) to a 2-inch profile and the low shoe is only 1.5 inches high. Pakems are the only packable shoes that come with a convenient crossbody carry bag with compression straps so they can be worn on your back or be easily stored in a suitcase, purse or backpack. Pakems also have a one-of-a-kind elastic cord on the heel so they can collapse without the bag – yes, we thought of everything!


The new mostly EVA outsole construction makes the shoes exceptionally comfortable. The faux-fur lining from top to toe feels like a blanket for your feet. There’s nothing better than getting out of uncomfortable shoes and putting on fuzzy, cozy, comfy Pakems.

The Ultimate Solution Shoe

Feet that are sore and tired from tight or heavy boots can quickly wipe that smile off your face. We don’t have anything against all that necessary specialty footwear, like ski boots, snowboard boots, cycling cleats, hiking boots, high heels, etc., we just believe in taking them off at the exact moment you don’t need them anymore. Additionally, if you need to travel to your adventure, if your adventure is commuting to work or you’re simply walking the dog, again Pakems are for you. Our customers tell us that they love their Pakems so much, they have become their everyday shoes. Plus, the convenient and easy-to-access pockets on the side of your Pakems can hold keys, credit cards, cash and more – leave your purse or wallet at home. Pakems also come in kid’s sizes, which are perfect for putting into a backpack on snowy school days.

Design Your Own Pakems

Pakems come in a variety of colors and patterns to match your unique style. We also have an award-winning, one-of-a-kind, color-your-own Pakems that come with markers so you can give your boots some personality. You can customize your Pakems with your favorite color, the colors of your favorite sports team, or make them as vibrant as you want. Beware though, we’ve been told by parents that after their little one colors their Pakems, they don’t ever want to take them off!

Next-Generation Pakems

The original Pakems were introduced to the market four years ago and quickly became a huge hit. Over the years, we asked our customers what they wanted to see in the next-generation Pakems. We are so excited about these new Pakems because we took valuable customer feedback and made several changes, such as making them waterproof, much lighter, more comfortable and even more packable.

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