The world’s first deluxe vibrator that heats up, grows, and responds to YOUR body!

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What Is OVibe?

Good things come with a positive vibe, and at OVibe, we know that every woman is different.

With that in mind, we designed the OVibe to provide women with their own unique, personalized, mind-blowing experiences.

OVibe is a smart vibrator designed for one purpose: to bring personalized, mind-blowing experiences to women! OVibe is the first vibrator that swells, heats, and shakes — like a real lover — and has an ergonomic design for intense G-spot stimulation. OVibe is the first pleasure product in the world that has a patent-pending, smart, self-growth feature.

OVibe uses Artificial Intelligence technologies that listen to your body’s signals and learn what you like, essentially teaching itself to respond to YOUR unique needs in only 3-5 uses.

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One Box of OLub* 
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Here's What Everyone Is Saying About OVibe!

What Makes OVibe Unique?

We’re Growers, Not Showers

Don’t be fooled by our size. OVibe swells automatically up to 37% according to your individual needs. Using the latest Artificial Intelligence technologies, OVibe learns the moment to swell up and how much to vibrate in just 3 to 5 uses, enhancing your pleasure for ultimate satisfaction. This auto-learning technology is just as personal as your experience and will learn from your body’s reaction, giving you what you want precisely when you want it.

Let's Heat Things Up

OVibe warms you up, not the other way around. Once OVibe is turned on, it gradually heats up to a temperature of 102-104ºF, or 39- 40ºC, reaching a comfortable, sexy body temperature. With the skin-like silicone, OVibe feels like the real thing. Trust us, after one experience with OVibe, you won’t want to go back to traditional, cold vibrators.

Great Vibrations

High-intensity vibrations tailored to your body are a must-have when choosing a toy that is right for you. Our smart auto vibration strengthens and responds to your body to consistently give you the best experience, using Artificial Intelligence technology, and even remembers your favorite settings for next time. These innovative technologies understand and learn about what you like and respond in the ideal way to enhance pleasure. You can also manually choose between a vibration power of 0%-100% to find the exact vibration strength you love that consistently gives you the best experience.

OVibe Can Last

With double the battery life of average brands, you can expect double the fun. With normal use, OVibe can last up to five hours, and on its most powerful mode, it can last up to two hours. Other high-quality brands last between 1 to 2 hours at a medium vibration strength, and that’s not including budget toys. All we’re saying is we know how to last.

Carefree Cleaning

A lot of sex toys claim to be waterproof, but their charging ports are exposed and different cover materials leak water through their touching edge. OVibe uses wireless Qi charging technology and has zero gaps where liquid can enter, giving you a 100% carefree cleaning experience. We don’t like to brag, but our IP68 water- and dust-resistance rating is the highest in the industry. OVibe also uses first-class, medical-grade silicone that is made in Germany — a rare and precious material in the sex toy world — and provides superior quality over silicone toys that are Made in China.

Top-Notch Pleasure

If there’s one thing that’s got to be top-class, it has to be what you put inside your body. OVibe is your best choice.

OVibe Mobile App

The OVibe mobile app works like magic with OVibe to enhance your experience. You can control OVibe through your smartphone, including the vibration level (0%-100%) and vibration patterns. You can choose from existing vibration patterns or even create, save and share your own! We even give you Apple Watch control to enhance your user experience, both technologically and sexually.

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