eClip by Elepho


The first low-cost device that helps prevent
babies and small children from being
accidentally left behind in the car.

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Why Every Parent Needs eClip

eClip uses advanced technology to help prevent the tragic accident of inadvertently leaving a child in the backseat of a car. While it can be easy to think that this could never happen to you, consider the following:

We all have busy lives and daily schedules. When our daily routine changes, even slightly, it can be easy to forget to do things we would consider second nature and important. This can be something as routine as dropping a sleeping baby off at daycare, when normally your spouse is on morning duty. You then drive to work and go about your day, not realizing your child is in the car, possibly suffering from heat stroke. This tragic phenomenon has its own term, Forgotten Baby Syndrome (FBS), hopefully never heard of by most parents.

In the US alone, this happens many times to loving families each year – and it’s something that can be 100% prevented. This is the exact problem we plan to solve with eClip.

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Before we launch, we’re giving away some awesome prizes, including fifteen (15) eClip packages that come with an eClip device, teddy bear, and sticker, which retail for $99, and you can be in the running. Sign up below, then share this campaign and refer your friends to earn more points. If you’re one of the first campaign backers, you’ll also receive 35% off the retail price.

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An eClip, teddy bear, and sticker 
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(Valued at $99)

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Elepho teddy bear
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3rd Tier

Car stickers
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What Makes eClip So Unique?

Helps Prevent Tragic Accidents

With eClip, you will never have to worry about accidentally leaving your child in the back seat. Our patent-pending device easily clips to a child car seat strap. It is always monitoring and will alert you if you get out of the car and move 15 feet (5 meters) away or more from the car through the included smartphone app.

Easy-to-use Mobile Application

Our interactive app is free to download for iOS and Android devices. eClip syncs to the app using a safe, low-energy Bluetooth connection. The audible and display distance alerts will come through on the app with selectable alert sounds and a pop-up on the phone’s screen. At a later date, this easy-to-use app will also be able to send a text to your spouse, grandparents, friends or caregivers to alert them of an event.

Temperature Notifications

eClip has the ability to monitor the temperature around the car seat to ensure the area is comfortable and safe for your child. The app and device work in unison to send an alert if the temperature has fallen below or above the recommended user-adjustable temperature range of 59-86°F (15-30°C) degrees.

Affordable Price

Many car seat monitors that are currently on the market use weight sensors to alert you if your child has been left in the car. eClip uses Bluetooth technology to connect the device to your phone. At a later date an eFob (key chain) configuration will be available, which can also help keep the cost down to a more affordable price.

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