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Data For Life


Finally, a way to truly understand what your body is telling you.

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A smart biometric shirt that fits in your daily life

With 15 medical-grade biosensors, Data For Life Lycra shirts for men and women are the most advanced wearables on the market. Our machine learning algorithms not only help athletes monitor their heart rate, their muscle efforts, their upper body fat with incredible accuracy and comfort, but also people who simply care to understand how their body works and take control of their health.

When you wear Data For Life, you can actually see your organs working in real time using the free application that is available for iOS and Android phones.

With Data For Life, you can:

  • Look through your heart with ECG precision
  • Monitor your blood flow, respiratory flow and upper body constitution
  • Check your body temperature variations
  • Track your posture throughout the day, your back movements, the way you sleep and more

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Before we launch, we’re giving away two Data For Life shirts, which retail for $249 each. All you have to do is sign up to enter, and you’ll also receive 50% off the retail price if you’re one of the first campaign backers!

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Two Data For Life Shirts
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Smart Water Bottle
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$25 Nike Gift Card
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Understand your body & improve your quality of life

15 Biometric Sensors

The 15 biometric sensors include:

  • Five heart sensor electrodes for a five leads ECG
  • Five impedance metric electrodes to measure your blood flow, respiratory flow, muscle strength and upper body constitution
  • Two thermometric electrodes to understand your body temperature variations
  • Three accelerometers with gyroscopes and magnetometers to track your posture throughout the day, your back movements, the way you sleep and more.

No Wires or Plugs Needed

All of our advanced electronic components are embedded within the fabric, so you’ll never need to plug the shirt in to track your data. All you need to do is wirelessly connect your shirt to your smartphone and voilà, you’re all set and ready to go! There’s no strap to tighten around your body and no uncomfortable wiring running around the shirt. Each shirt is also equipped with Energy Harvesting Technology, which means it recharges the battery by itself!

Wear it All Day, Every Day

Made of breathable Lycra fabric, Data For Life shirts are flexible and comfortable enough to be worn all day as a main shirt or even discreetly under your clothes. Data For Life shirts are also machine washable, unlike other wearable clothing on the market!

Designed for Everyone

We want Data For Life shirts to be comfortable for a wide range of people and body types. We will have women’s sizes XS, S, M and L and men’s sizes S, M, L, and XL.

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