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A Craft Beer Draft System Built For A Modern Age

Tap Into Craft

BrewQube is here to enhance the way you enjoy your favorite glass of craft beer at home. As the most convenient technology in maintaining the quality of your craft beer, this plug-and-pour draft system provides you with maximum quality and unparalleled advancements on your countertop. BrewQube ensures the premium beer you’re enjoying is always top-notch.

Our innovative and technologically-equipped Draft System lets you take control of your favorite brew so you can have a perfect drinking experience with every pour. Say goodbye to small-volume 4-pint growlers, large, clunky keg exchanges and inevitably, skunked beer. BrewQube is the only convenient craft beer vessel and premium Draft System built to bring your favorite craft brewery right into your home.

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Caleb, Tyson, & Steve

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It's Time To Welcome Craft Beer Home.

Just Plug-and-Pour

BrewQube’s innovative plug-and-pour interface makes bringing your favorite craft beer home with you a snap (well, more like a “slide-and-click”). Our proprietary docking system allows the BrewQube to slide along guide rails and lock into the Draft System in one step with a simple press. This means no cumbersome taps, hoses, or fittings getting in your way. Once docked into the Draft System, BrewQube is ready to dispense a fresh, cold, carbonated pour that replicates a premium-quality drinking experience beyond the brewery.

Fill It At The Tap

Your BrewQube can be filled from the tap with your beer of choice at any brewery or taproom that fills growlers. With the BrewQube Draft System, you can keep your beer on-temperature, on-gas, and protected from light and oxygen to preserve your favorite craft beer’s freshness for a minimum of 30 days.

Small Size, Big Volume

The average growler can only hold 64 ounces. The BrewQube can hold an astonishing 288 ounces (that is 4.5 growlers worth!), which equates to a 24-pack of cans or 18 pints. The entire BrewQube Draft System is roughly the size of a microwave and measures less than 18 inches tall, fitting snugly under overhead cabinets. It can be positioned perfectly on your kitchen countertop or in your “wo/man cave” without occupying too much valuable real estate.

Know Your Vitals

Tap your craft in seconds and always be in-the-know when it comes to your craft beer’s vitals. The digital display on the BrewQube Draft System takes the guesswork out of managing your craft beer, such as the number of pours remaining, temperature settings, and gas level. The system is also Wi-Fi equipped so you can remotely monitor these stats via the BrewQube.com login portal (and eventually via app), plus receive customizable alerts from the integrated sensors if your beer or gas volumes are getting low.

Where You Want It, When You Want It

Going on a camping trip or tailgating for your favorite team’s big game? The BrewQube vessel is expertly designed to be compact, stackable, and portable. With space-maximizing size in mind (approx. 12in. x 8in. x 8in.), BrewQube fits inside of most standard coolers — add a mobile connection kit and you’ll have fresh craft beer on-the-go anytime, anyplace. The portable BrewQube vessel is constructed of a durable and safe high-density polymer material, so it can survive any bump along the way. It’s equipped with ergonomic handles that allow for easy transport wherever your next adventure may take you.

Turn Heads

With a beautiful stainless steel finish, the BrewQube Draft System is the perfect addition to your home offering an exquisite, premium look and feel. The industry standard tap mount also provides you with creative freedom when it comes to your tap handle, so you can make your BrewQube dispenser unique and exclusively yours.

Colorado Brewed

Coming straight from the state that ranks second in the total number of craft breweries, it is safe to say Coloradans know a thing or two about craft beer. We’ve worked incredibly hard to ensure the product we have created lives up to the high standards that all craft beer connoisseurs know and deserve. If you’re interested in learning more or partnering with us on our venture, please contact info@brewqube.com, we’d love to talk about potential opportunities.

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